Ten years ago, I wrote the first edition of Taking Charge of
Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control,
Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Health
. In the
years since, I have been thrilled by the growing grassroots movement in Fertility Awareness education that the book has helped to generate across the country.

I’ve been especially gratified by the hundreds of effusive letters I’ve received from readers over the years, scores of whom questioned why such invaluable and empowering biological information wasn’t routinely taught when they were teenagers. For most, this would have been an ideal time to learn about all the gynecological and menstrual enigmas that add so much confusion and insecurity to everyday life, and the knowledge would have prepared them to deal with the inevitable fertility-related issues that they faced later in their adult lives.

Now, lest you start wondering whether this is an appropriate book for your teenage daughter, I should assure you from the start that unlike my first book, which is specifically about the Fertility Awareness Method, or FAM, this is not a book about how to use effective natural birth control, much less how to get pregnant! However, it is very much a book about
the various fertility signs that all teen girls have, some of which, like cervical fluid and midcycle pain, they are certainly very much aware of, most likely don’t understand, and may be too afraid or insecure to ask about.

Of course, there are other signs they may not even realize their bodies produce that most of them would be fascinated to learn about, such as observable patterns in waking temperature and cervical position. Taken as a whole, these various signs serve as an incredibly revealing window into a developing teen’s ever-changing body, as well as provide
an invaluable sense of bodily confidence, wisdom, and self-esteem that was simply not available to previous generations.

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